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What Is Happening In There?!?!?!

Big shoutout to so many of you who have darkened the doors to our little shop this winter! Whether specifically in the market for Oatmeal & Brown Sugar soap or Mattie's Beekeepers' Blend OR just curious about the glowing OPEN sign, most have the same question: what ARE you doing in there?! Our shop is currently just contained to the finished porch at the back of the Market. The main section is under (whew.) renovation. And, it is a HOT mess right now...but, it's a hot mess moving in the right direction. The next most frequent question we get asked is, "well, when will it be open?!" That's a really good question to which I don't know the EXACT answer...but,...

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the Newness of it all

                          First and foremost, let us thank each one of you that helped support us throughout 2018. It was a wonderful kick-off year for Lasterday Market. A big thank you is due to the wonderful local craftsman, farmers, and artists that we were able to work with this last year. It was such a blessing to see the beauty that can be created out of our local area. To our customers, thank you for allowing us to meet and serve you. We have loved getting to know you. We hope you enjoyed us as much as we did you!      We have even more to come this coming year of 2019. A new year...

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Lasterday Times, Volume 1

Welcome to Lasterday Market! We are so excited to invite you on this adventure with us. If you have traveled through New Castle lately, you may have seen our little grain bin silo take shape and the transformation of an old white building into a navy blue one. We've smiled as we've frequented businesses around town and have been met with questions like, "what are you doing with that thing?" Well, we're building a Market for you.  My husband, Mike, and I are raising four boys and we're desperately hanging on to a simpler life for them. Our grandparents tell us stories of a time when you might bake a pie for a friend, and on delivery, receive a basket...

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