Lasterday Times, Volume 1

Welcome to Lasterday Market! We are so excited to invite you on this adventure with us. If you have traveled through New Castle lately, you may have seen our little grain bin silo take shape and the transformation of an old white building into a navy blue one. We've smiled as we've frequented businesses around town and have been met with questions like, "what are you doing with that thing?" Well, we're building a Market for you. 

My husband, Mike, and I are raising four boys and we're desperately hanging on to a simpler life for them. Our grandparents tell us stories of a time when you might bake a pie for a friend, and on delivery, receive a basket of tomatoes for your trouble; a time when gifts were handmade; a time when families sat down around a table and shared stories of a busy day; a time when a trip to the market was just as much about who you might see as it was about what you might purchase. And, in a world where we want things easy and quickly, I feel like we've lost a sense of connectedness. 

See, Lasterday Market isn't simply about reliably fresh produce. (Although, I can taste fresh strawberries as I type.) It isn't about locally-roasted coffee. (But, seriously...have you tasted Mattie's Mountain Mud?!) It isn't about scratch-made biscuits, or sweet tea floats (yep, that's a thing), or old glass-bottled sodas, or the products of passionate makers. It's about those things...beside the people that you love. 

When you visit, we hope you'll stay a while. Meet a friend. Find something you love. Put down your cell phone. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Welcome to Lasterday Market, friends.