the Newness of it all





         First and foremost, let us thank each one of you that helped support us throughout 2018. It was a wonderful kick-off year for Lasterday Market. A big thank you is due to the wonderful local craftsman, farmers, and artists that we were able to work with this last year. It was such a blessing to see the beauty that can be created out of our local area. To our customers, thank you for allowing us to meet and serve you. We have loved getting to know you. We hope you enjoyed us as much as we did you!

     We have even more to come this coming year of 2019. A new year brings new beginnings and there is something so special about a fresh start. We know that it may seem like we are hibernating right now, but we promise that we are still working hard for you. Just like our own New Year's resolutions, Lasterday has many goals for the upcoming year. We will do our best to share exciting news as we go. You can see announcements here on our website or on our Facebook page. The first thing we would like to announce is that renovations are currently underway to the inside of our property. We think you will love it and can't wait to share it with you. We think you will find that we have kept the history, but repurposed the space to bring some "newness"  to the town. We look forward to spending time over coffee enjoying it with you. Our opening date is more of a moving target at this point, but we will update you as our timeline becomes more firm. We want to make sure that we have it just right for you and your family. Be patient with us in our progress and we look forward to serving you!


Mike and Mel