What Is Happening In There?!?!?!

Big shoutout to so many of you who have darkened the doors to our little shop this winter! Whether specifically in the market for Oatmeal & Brown Sugar soap or Mattie's Beekeepers' Blend OR just curious about the glowing OPEN sign, most have the same question: what ARE you doing in there?! Our shop is currently just contained to the finished porch at the back of the Market. The main section is under (whew.) renovation. And, it is a HOT mess right now...but, it's a hot mess moving in the right direction. The next most frequent question we get asked is, "well, when will it be open?!" That's a really good question to which I don't know the EXACT answer...but, let me do my best to let you know where we are and where we're going.

We have torn apart the main part of the building...down to the studs on the walls. And, now, we're putting it all back together. We have re-framed the new walls, replaced the electric wiring, re-plumbed for two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a service bar, replaced the HVAC (oh man, it's so warm in there now...thank goodness!), insulated the exterior walls, exposed the (beautiful!!!) beams in the ceiling, and have started prepping the concrete floors. Equipment for the (ahem) loo will be the next arrival followed by drywall and plaster. Then (finally!), the less boring stuff happens. Paint colors, and wall paper, and farmhouse tables, and tile, and chandeliers, and bakers' ovens...I can. not. wait.

Anyhow, where you going with this, Melissa? Okay, so this is what we're envisioning into Spring. We're going to start off similarly to how we finished last year. The shop will be open. Local Produce will get a new, upgraded display outside. The Flour Bin will still be a great stop for biscuits, coffee, sweet tea, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and market sandwiches. And, we'll be newly offering plant starts this year as you prep and plant your own gardens! In addition, we'll also be booking for private events, including use of the Flour Bin, the fire pit, exterior lighting, and grounds.

As SOON as the main building is finished, our new kitchen will allow us to expand our menu and hours. Think bakery & cafe utilizing seasonal (and, local!) ingredients. In the Flour Bin, we're hoping to serve ice cream, floats, milkshakes, glass-bottled sodas, etc. 

So, there it is. Bear with us. Much excitement is coming down the line and we're so excited to share it with you. Keep checking back as I'll try to be more diligent about updating. But, trust me, when we get close, I'll let you know. ;) In the meantime, swing by the shop. Support the local craft vendors. And, like us on Facebook! Spring and warmth are on the way and with them come the promises of change and possibility. We hope that this is not only the case at Lasterday Market, but may also be found in your own home. Happy Warm-Up, friends. <3