The Lasterday Mission


Everyone loves something. We believe that it's good for the soul to find that love and lean into it. But, in our big-box, mass-manufactured society, the creators are over-looked and under-funded...often creating for the sake of creating, but at a personal financial loss. Lasterday Market wants to bring life back to the local makers. 

In the marketplace, you will find products that have a story and creators that have a name. You will taste coffee roasted near your home. You will clothe your walls in pieces hand-crafted by your neighbor. You will eat from a table made out of wood from a local barn. You will slice tomatoes grown from the same farm--generation after generation after generation. Tiny pleasures that make your life large. 

See, this place is not defined by the treasures that you will take home. (Although, those treasures will be brilliant!) It is defined by our deep and abiding need to connect with one another. That's why we'll tell you the stories of our friends, the makers. It is why we will put your mug on a hook...saving your seat in our shop. And, it's why we invite your family to sit around an actual table to taste and see that the Lord has been good. 

At Lasterday Market, you will find some of that iconic southern hospitality and small-town charm. Whether you are road-tripping down Rte. 311 to walk around our grounds or joining us in our on-line marketplace, we welcome you with a gracious smile. Thank you for leaning in to our deep love for making today a Lasterday that you will never forget. 

~Mike and Melissa Beaudoin